There are many Artificial Grass Types. WinterGreen™ Grass features 10 varieties of the Best Artificial Grasses which mimic most natural grass characteristics that are desired by commercial and residential customers. From varying thicknesses to nearly all variations of color and texture, we feature the perfect artificial grass solution for every project.

As a Fort Worth based Synthetic Grass Company, we feature Artificial Lawn Grass projects in the Fort Worth, Burleson, Arlington, Mansfield, Southlake, Keller and surrounding areas of North Texas.

Our Artificial Turf varieties and brief descriptions of each are included below.


Regal   No matter the weather conditions, WinterGreen™ Regal Synthetic Grass will always provide lawns and commercial properties with a beautiful, bright, evergreen appearance. WinterGreen™ Regal Artificial Grass comes in both spring and fescue colors coupled with a brown thatch layer for added realism. Regal is the go-to grass for creating the most durable landscape. The 65 ounce face weight makes this artificial turf perfect for landscapes that experience moderate traffic.

Regal Pro  Imagine a lawn you never have to water, weed or mow.  That is what you will experience with WinterGreen™ Regal Pro Artificial Grass. This isn’t the family’s old Astro Turf. It will always look green and natural without all of the fuss!  Regal Pro Synthetic Turf comes in both spring and fescue tones complimented by a brown thatch. As one of the most durable synthetic turfs in the industry, the 80 ounce face weight makes Regal Pro Synthetic Grass perfect for high traffic areas. The grass features an open W-shaped blade which acts as a memory foam to recall its original shape.

Regal Supreme  Say ‘goodbye’ to lawn care because WinterGreen™ Regal Supreme will maintain an evergreen plush appearance all year long, no matter the season! Regal Supreme Artificial Grass showcases spring and fescue colors combined with a brown thatch layer. The extra thick 90 ounce face weight combined with a 2.50 inch pile height will make any landscape appear lush and natural. The open ‘W’ grass blade shape has a memory foam action and will retract to its original shape, even after heavy foot traffic!

Marquee   Never worry about lawn care again with our WinterGreen™ Marquee synthetic grass! Minimize water and maintenance bills and maximize savings with Marquee Artificial Turf. Marquee is a one of a kind Artificial Turf that features exclusive omega fiber that comes in both spring and fescue colors paired with a brown thatch layer. The 50 ounce face weight in addition to the 1.50 inch pile height creates a beautiful, bright look for any commercial or residential landscape.

Marquee Deluxe   Never fear! WinterGreen™ Marquee Deluxe Synthetic Grass is the perfect drought-friendly solution to your landscape woes. Let go of the lawnmower and forget the fertilizer because with this artificial turf, maintenance is a breeze! Marquee Deluxe Artificial Grass is a soft, mid-weight turf that handles moderate amounts of foot traffic, and is perfect for any backyard, commercial landscape or pet park. Marquee Deluxe features both spring and fescue grass blades, in addition to a brown thatch layer.

Imperial Light  A perfectly manicured lawn has never been easier to achieve! Our Imperial Light synthetic turf is the ideal landscape alternative if you want to save water, time and money! Imperial Light Artificial Grass is specifically designed to withstand light to moderate foot traffic and comes in both spring and fescue grass blade color tones. The mini “W” grass blade shape was incorporated for maximum durability and is safe for children and pets to play on it all day.

Pet Turf  10 out of 10 of your furry friends agree! WinterGreen™ Pet Turf is the perfect landscape solution for pets across North America!  No more muddy paws, insects, brown patches or holes in the yard. Pet Turf Artificial Grass features beautiful field and lime green grass blade color tones in addition to a brown thatch layer. This turf is extremely durable and the Pet Turf backing is incredibly resistant to pull force, so let your pup play all day! The one inch pile height is a perfect cushion for your four-legged friends! Pet Turf Synthetic Grass is non-toxic and safe for animals and children.

Colonial Putt   Never has practicing your putt been more enjoyable than in your own backyard! Refine your short game skills with a WinterGreen Colonial Putt Synthetic Grass putting green! Colonial Putt Artificial Grass features very durable, textured nylon blades in a distinct dark green color tone. The grass blades are compacted to replicate a putting green in both color and speed. Nylon Putt synthetic putting surface is very customizable and will roll true to your desired speed. This putting green is extremely durable, has a 38 ounce face weight and a ½ inch pile height.

Colonial 2-Tone Putt   Jazz up your lawn with a personal putting green and save on those expensive maintenance fees!  Impress your friends with your refined short game or indulge your “man cave”, office, trade show or golf course with WinterGreen™ Colonial 2 Tone Putt Artificial Grass. Colonial 2-Tone Putt showcases an extremely strong textured nylon material in dual field and lime green color tones to replicate a real putting green in look, feel and speed. As a very customizable product, Colonial 2-Tone Putt has a 38 ounce face weight, as well as ½ inch pile height, and will blend in with any natural surrounding!

Ridglea 2-Tone Putt   Create the putting green of your dreams in your own backyard, business park or commercial setting with WinterGreen™ Ridglea 2-Tone Putt Synthetic Grass. Ridglea 2-Tone Putt showcases a perfect dual field and lime green grass blade color tone in a textured polyethylene. This putting grass’ 56 ounce face weight and ½ inch pile height make this an ideal choice for residential and commercial properties. Ridglea 2-Tone Putt Artificial Grass is completely customizable, and heat and frost resistant.



WinterGreenTM Artificial Grass keeps fertilizers and pesticides away from pets and out of the ground water supply.

Environment FRIENDLY

WinterGreenTM Artificial Grass reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption from lawn equipment.


WinterGreenTM Artificial Grass saves literally millions of gallons of water each year from being consumed by lawn irrigation.