Below you will find frequently asked questions about WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass and Artificial Grass and Turf in general.  These are representative of many of the questions we field on a regular basis.   Please look through them at your leisure and see if any questions you may have are answered below.   If not, please contact us and we would be glad to answer any questions you may have about our artificial grass or our installation methods.  If you have any questions about our 10 Artificial Grass Types, each grass page will usually answer those questions.

Why choose WinterGreen Synthetic Grass? 

WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass has recognized through dedication and hard work that there are absolutely no short cuts. With our 100% American made grass to our one of a kind installation team, our goal is to provide the very best products and experience to all of our customers. 

How Long does Artificial Grass last? 

WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass is built to last.  With the unique makeup of each products’ grass blade, we can properly equip each customer with the right product for the type of use they are looking to get out of the area.  A good example is the difference between a front yard and backyard installation.  Most backyard applications are designed for more use and traffic, where as a front yard is typically used for more curb appeal and aesthetics.  In most cases the turf will last 15-25 years, depending on how it is used.  This  is backed by our manufacturers 15-year warranty.

What type of maintenance does Synthetic Turf require? 

One of the many draws to installing artificial grass is the idea of a maintenance free yard!  When artificial grass is installed the correct way, it can be extremely rewarding for this reason alone.  MAINTENANCE FREE!!  With the exception of picking up dog waste and leafs, it is a walk in the park compared to constantly worrying about mowing, watering, fertilizing and weeding, along with all the dead spots from pet urine and highly shaded areas.

How well does it drain? 

Our one of a kind base drainage system that is installed under the grass is similar to a built in 3-5 inch French drain.   Our artificial turf and base drainage systems have been tested vigorously, and we have found that the drainage is second to none.  The drainage is better than natural sod and dirt applications by a long shot.

What is the warranty? 

Our artificial Grass is built to last, and includes a 15 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

How much is it per square foot? 

Our custom installed product cannot realistically be quoted by the square foot.  Each lawn is different and WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass prices each project individually based on turf type, required ground preparation, size, and numerous other factors.

Any turf company that randomly provides a square footage price over the phone or on the Internet is simply selling outdoor carpet, and is not selling the same custom installed projects that we are well known for.  In addition, other turf companies frequently charge for the entire amount of turf that will be brought to the job site, including waste, whereas WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass only charges for the actual square footage to be installed. Simply receiving a square footage price without a site visit is not a realistic or credible estimate of the true cost.

That is why WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass is happy to offer a FREE Design Consultation to provide exact pricing for your commercial or residential landscaping project.



WinterGreenTM Artificial Grass keeps fertilizers and pesticides away from pets and out of the ground water supply.

Environment FRIENDLY

WinterGreenTM Artificial Grass reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption from lawn equipment.


WinterGreenTM Artificial Grass saves literally millions of gallons of water each year from being consumed by lawn irrigation.