logo-ipema-smallImagine a lawn you never have to water, weed or mow.  That is what you will experience with WinterGreen™ Regal Pro Artificial Grass.  This isn’t the family’s old Fake Astro Turf or Plastic Grass.  It will always look green and natural without all of the fuss!

Regal Pro Synthetic Turf comes in both spring and fescue tones complimented by a brown thatch.  As one of the most durable synthetic turfs in the industry, the 80 ounce face weight makes Regal Pro Synthetic Grass perfect for high traffic areas. The grass features an open W-shaped blade which acts as a memory foam to recall its original shape.

Through tuft bind technology, Regal Pro’s grass blades are triple reinforced into the backing which creates exceptional strength.  This turf can handle all types of heavy foot traffic.  In addition to an incredibly strong backing, Regal Pro turf is perforated to allow any liquids to pass through for easy drainage.  Spray additional residue with a garden hose to clean.

Regal Pro is one of the Best Artificial Grass varieties on the market, and it will save you precious time, water and money.  Simply forget the weeding, watering and landscaping fees!  This product is backed by our 15-year manufacturer warranty and will last even longer.

At WinterGreen™ Grass, we feature 10 Artificial Grass Types for any turf need, including Commercial and Residential Artificial Grass projects.