logo-ipema-smallNo matter the weather conditions, WinterGreen™ Regal Synthetic Grass will always provide lawns and commercial properties with a beautiful, bright, evergreen appearance. Excessive water and maintenance not required!  WinterGreen™ Regal Artificial Grass comes in both spring and fescue colors coupled with a brown thatch layer for added realism.

Regal is the go-to artificial grass for creating the most durable landscape.  This grass isn’t like the old fashioned fake, imitation or plastic grass.   The 65 ounce face weight makes this artificial turf perfect for landscapes that experience moderate traffic, such as Commercial Landscapes.  Regal also showcases an extremely strong backing where the grass blades are reinforced three times, which creates an extreme resistance to pull-force.   In addition to this strong tuft bind technology, the backing is perforated so liquids can easily pass through.  Water, pet urine, and any other liquid, will simply drain away and your turf remains beautifully groomed!

We guarantee our Regal synthetic grass will save you precious time, water and money while your lawn looks flawless and green.  A perfect lawn has never been so easy!

WinterGreen™ features nine additional Artificial Grass Types in addition to our Regal Grass.  We have a grass type for any preference or situation.