10 out of 10 of your furry friends agree!  WinterGreen™ Pet Turf is the perfect landscape solution for pets across North America.   No more muddy paws, insects, brown patches or holes in the yard.  Pet Turf Artificial Grass features beautiful field and lime green grass blade color tones in addition to a brown thatch layer. This turf is extremely durable and the Pet Turf backing is incredibly resistant to pull force, so let your pup play all day!  The one inch pile height is a perfect cushion for your four-legged friends.   Pet Turf Synthetic Grass is non-toxic and safe for animals and children.

In addition to its amazing durability, and being one of the Best Artificial Grass choices for pet owners, Pet Turf also features perforated backing so pet urine and other liquids can easily drain through!  This isn’t your typical fake or imitation grass.  Pet Turf is equipped with U.V. inhibitors during the manufacturing process, so no matter how long your turf is out in the elements, it will never fade!

Backed by our 15-year manufacturer warranty, Pet Turf synthetic grass is sure to last you and your furry friends for years to come.  You and your pet deserve nothing but the best synthetic grass landscape for pets.  At WinterGreen™ Grass, we feature 10 Artificial Grass Types for any turf need, including Commercial and Residential Artificial Grass projects.



WinterGreenTM Artificial Grass keeps fertilizers and pesticides away from pets and out of the ground water supply.

Environment FRIENDLY

WinterGreenTM Artificial Grass reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption from lawn equipment.


WinterGreenTM Artificial Grass saves literally millions of gallons of water each year from being consumed by lawn irrigation.