A perfectly manicured lawn has never been easier to achieve!  Our Imperial Light synthetic turf is the ideal landscape alternative if you want to save water, time and money.   Imperial Light Artificial Grass is specifically designed to withstand light to moderate foot traffic and comes in both spring and fescue grass blade color tones. The mini “W” grass blade shape was incorporated for maximum durability and is safe for children and pets to play on it all day.

In addition to a perfectly shaped grass blade, Imperial Light Synthetic Grass also features U.V. inhibitors that are incorporated during the manufacturing process, so your artificial turf will not fade, no matter the amount of sunshine!

This artificial turf features the strongest turf backing in the industry as each grass blade is triple reinforced through proprietary tuft bind technology. In addition to its incredible strength, Imperial Light’s turf backing is also perforated for maximum drainage. Liquids such as water, pet urine, as well as life’s thrills and spills, can be easily cleaned up with a spray of the hose!

Backed by our 15-year manufacturer warranty, Imperial Light Synthetic Grass guarantees to save you time, water and money for years to come.  A flawless outdoor lawn has never been easier to maintain!  At WinterGreen™ Grass, we feature 10 Artificial Grass Types for any turf need, including Commercial and Residential Artificial Grass projects.